Write A Story From The Outline | Class 8 English Story Writing Exercise

Write a meaningful story from the given outline. This story writing activity is for students of classes 7 and 8.

Powerful and arrogant king – wants to invade the neighbouring country – consults the astrologer – astrologer advises against going to war – king angry – claims he is unbeatable – astrologer says anyone can be defeated – king furious – asks soldiers to behead the astrologer – astrologer stays cool – king surprised – asks him if he knew when he would die – astrologer replies that he would die three days before the king – king shocked – releases the astrologer – takes good care of him so that he lives a long life

Class 8 Story Writing Exercise

The Power Of Staying Cool

Once upon a time there lived a king. He was very powerful and ruled over a vast kingdom. Our king was arrogant and thought that he was the most powerful man on earth. One day, the king called his astrologer to his court. He wanted to know what the coming year had in store for him. He wanted to invade his neighbouring country and thought it would be wise to consult his astrologer before. Though powerful, he believed in such things as astrology.

The astrologer came and predicted unpleasant happenings. He warned the king against going to war. His predictions were unacceptable to the king. He came to the conclusion that the astrologer was lying.

“How dare you make such predictions?” asked the king. “I am the most powerful man on earth. I can’t be defeated.”

The astrologer said, “Your majesty, Providence makes no distinction between the powerful and the powerless, the rich and the poor. Good and bad things can happen to anybody.”

His words only made the king furious. He resolved to kill the astrologer. The king asked his soldiers to behead the astrologer.

The astrologer didn’t lose his cool. He looked calm and composed. The king was surprised. He had expected the astrologer to fall at his feet and beg for forgiveness.

“Do you know what your fate is?” the king asked him.

With remarkable presence of mind the astrologer said, “Yes Your Majesty. I know what my fate is. I will die three days before your majesty.”

The king was shocked. He immediately asked his men to release the astrologer. What is more, he even took care to protect him for the rest of his life.

 It takes some effort to keep one’s presence of mind in the face of adversity. But that is worth the trouble. If you are intelligent and can remain cool and composed all the time, there is nothing that is impossible.

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