Class 8 English Story Writing Worksheet

Develop a story from the given outlines. Remember to give a title.

This story writing activity is for students of classes 7 and 8.

Two friends Dharmabuddhi and Dushtabudhi discover a pot full of diamonds in a forest … Dharmabuddhi wants to divide the diamonds equally … Dhushtabuddhi wants to keep all diamonds … he advises Dharmabuddhi against taking the pot to their town … they bury it under a tree … Dhustabuddhi returns at night and steals the diamonds … next morning both of them return .. pot not found … Dhustabuddhi accuses his friend of stealing the treasure … they approach the king … they say that tree is the only witness … Dhustabuddhi asks his father to hide in the tree … father gives false  testimony … king sets the tree on fire … father jumps down from tree … his son imprisoned

Model answer

Dharmabudhi and Dushtabudhi

Dharmabudhi and Dushatabudhi were friends. Once they reached upon a forest. They were both tired and decided to take some rest. They were hungry too. Dushtabudhi suggested that they have some fruits. While plucking fruits they accidentally knocked off an ant-hill.

‘Eh, a pot,’ Dhustabudhi cried aloud. They opened the pot. It was full of diamonds.

‘We are lucky. Let us get home with this and share the fortune among us,’ Dharmabudhi said. But Dhustabudhi had another plan. He wanted to keep the whole treasure to himself. He said that it would be foolish to take the treasure to town.

‘Then what shall we do?’ asked Dharmabudhi.

‘We will hide it in a pit under the tree,’ Dhustabudhi said. Dharmabudhi agreed. They hid the treasure under the tree and left for their homes.

At night Dhustabudhi came alone to the forest. He uncovered the treasure and took it home.

Next day he came to the forest along with Dharmabudhi. They dug under the tree, but the treasure was not to be found.

‘Where is the pot?’ asked Dhramabudhi. Dhustabudhi instantly alleged that Dharmabudhi had taken away the treasure.

At last they decided to complain before the king.

The king heard their case and asked if there was any witness. ‘The only witness is the tree,’ said Dushtabudhi.

‘Oh! if the tree is the only witness, then we have to go to the forest and ask the truth to the tree,’ the King said. Dhustabudhi reached his home and told everything to his father.

‘Father, tomorrow you must hide on the tree and say that the pot was stolen by Dharmabudhi,’ he insisted.

His father agreed.

The next morning the King reached the forest with Dharmabudhi and Dhustabudhi. ‘Oh! Great tree, tell us the truth. Who is the thief?’ he asked.

Suddenly a voice rose from the top of the tree. ‘Dharmabudhi is the thief. He has stolen the pot’ it said.

The clever Dharmabudhi got the idea that somebody was there on the tree. He said that the tree was a liar and it should be set on fire.

‘Yes, let us see, if the tree will change its word,’ said the king.

They set the tree on fire. Unable to bear the heat Dhustabhudhi’s father jumped down. He told the King everything. Dhustabudhi was then sentenced to imprisonment.

Moral: Truth alone triumphs 

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