CBSE English Class 8 Story Writing Worksheet

Develop a meaningful story from the given outlines. This English story writing activity is for students of classes 7 and 8.

A country elects a new king every 10 years .. an elephant would move around the streets looking for someone willing to be the king … kings sent to a remote island full of wild animals after their tenure … one young man comes forward to become king … he rules for 10 years … people are happy … he is sent to the island at the end of 10 years …boatman finds a palace on the island … the young man explains everything

Sample story

Our present shapes our future

Once upon a time, there in a remote country, there was a peculiar tradition of selecting a new king after every 10 years. An elephant would move around the streets with a garland and the person who was garlanded by the elephant would occupy the throne for the next 10 years. After the completion of his tenure he will be sent to an island infested with wild animals where his end was certain.

This fear of having to die a horrible death deterred people from willingly coming forward to enjoy the authority, power and riches associated with the kingship. The elephant thus had a hard time finding a person willing to accept the job.

Once when the elephant was moving around to find a new incumbent, it was pleasantly surprised to see a young man willing to accept the garland. He occupied the throne for the next 10 years. During his tenure he worked hard to improve the state of affairs of his kingdom. Soon prosperity was visible. But as soon as the 10 year period was over he was removed from the throne as per the tradition and ferried to the island. While the people assembled on the banks looked very sad, the king was visibly happy.

The boatman who ferried him to the island asked, “All these years the kings I moved to the island were wailing, you are the first one radiating happiness.” The king said nothing. Soon they reached the island. Much to the delight of the boatman there he found a palace in place of the thick forest.

The boatman wanted to know how the palace had come there. The King said, “During the last ten years I had everything at my command. I sent my army men and experts to clear the jungle and build the palace.”

Thereafter the subjects who were happy with his rule pleaded him to get back to his throne. They did away with the age old tradition and the kingdom flourished under his rule once again.

No one really knows what is waiting in store us. But one has to remember that our future is shaped by our actions in the present.

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