Class 8 Story Writing Activity | English Writing

Develop a meaningful story from the given outline.

Budding painter in Athens …. laymen always find mistakes with this painting …. painter frustrated … puts one of his paintings in a square … asks people to cross the errors …. astonished to find the painting full of crosses the next morning …. decides to commit suicide … a wise man dissuades him … advises him to ask people to correct the errors in his painting … no one corrects anything … painter elated ….. takes his painting to an exhibition …. wins many awards

Class 8 Story Writing Activity

Budding Painter In Athens

Once upon a time, there lived a budding painter in the city of Athens. He was extremely talented. Nevertheless, his works were often severely criticized by laymen. The painter was frustrated.

‘People always find faults with my paintings. I had better ask them to correct those errors,’ he thought. So one morning, he placed one of his works in a square with words ‘cross errors’.

The next morning, he was astonished to find the whole painting full of crosses. The painter was so disappointed that he decided to commit suicide.

‘I am not fit for this job. I am a loser. I had better end my life,’ he thought.

A wise man happened to know about the incident. He, at once, called for the painter.

‘I am very disappointed, sir,’ the painter said. ‘My works are never appreciated. I don’t want to live anymore,’ the painter said.

The wise man heard him patiently and said that he should take another chance. He then asked the painter to place the same painting in the same square with the words ‘correct the errors’.

The painter did so. The next morning, he returned to the square. Not a single correction had been made. The painter was delighted. He then displayed his painting in an exhibition; they got rave reviews and he was hailed as an outstanding painter. He also got rich rewards.

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