Class 7 English Story Writing Sample

Using the hints given below write a readable story. This story writing worksheet is designed for students of classes 6 and 7.

Class 7 English writing skills | Story writing worksheet

The king had a minister who believed that whatever happened, happened for good .. one day king was cleaning his sword … he cut his finger … the minister said whatever happens, happens for good …. King annoyed … puts minister in the prison … king goes to forest for hunting … loses his way … caught by cannibals who want to sacrifice him …. Ties him to a tree … while inspecting him they find the cut … decides that he is not perfect for the sacrifice … lets him go … he returns to palace … frees the minister

Model story

Once there lived a king whose minister accompanied him wherever he went. The minister firmly believed in one thing: whatever happens, happens for good. One day while cleaning his sword, the king accidentally cut his finger. He became angry and began cursing God.

“Oh King! Don’t put the blame on God. Whatever happens, happens for good,” said the minister. This further annoyed the king. He immediately asked his soldiers to put the minister in prison.

The next day, he king went on a hunting expedition. He chased a deer deep into the forest and lost his way. The king soon found himself captured by cannibals. They tied him to a tree. They were going to offer him to their deity the following night.

As the time for his sacrifice approached, their head priest examined the king’s body thoroughly and noted the cut on his index finger. The priest immediately announced that the king could not be offered to the deity because his was an imperfect body because of the cut on the index finger.

They set him free. After reaching his palace the king remembered his minister’s words which now appeared to be meaningful.

He immediately ordered for his release, called him to the court, and apologized to him.

He narrated his experience to the minister and explained how that wound had saved his life. The king said, “Despite realizing the truth of your words, I could not understand what good could come of the misery and you had to go the prison.”

The minister said, “Sir, had I not been put in the prison, I would have accompanied you and by now would have been sacrificed by the cannibals.”

True, isn’t it? At times we may find it difficult not to get annoyed or depressed by hardships or failures in life. But who knows if some greater good wouldn’t come out of it? Like success and joys, our failures and sorrows too never go waste.

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