Class 7 English Story Writing Exercise

Write a readable story from the given outline.

a lion and a mouse lived in the same den …. the mouse disturbed the lion a lot … the lion brought a cat to the den … the lion took great care of the cat …. afraid of the cat, the mouse stopped coming out … lion started sleeping well … one day the mouse came out … the cat caught the mouse and ate it … lion stopped hearing the sound of the mouse in the hole … he thought the mouse had gone somewhere …. He stopped taking care of the cat … the cat regretted killing the mouse

Class 7 English Story Writing Exercise

The Lion, The Mouse And The Cat

Once upon a time there lived a lion. He was a mighty beast. All the animals in the forest were afraid of him. There was, however, a tiny mouse that was not at all afraid of the lion. The mouse lived in a small hole inside the lion’s den. Every day as the lion slept, the mouse would nibble his mane away.

The lion was frustrated. But he didn’t know what to do. After all, lions don’t eat mice. Then one day, the lion got an idea. He decided to get himself a cat and soon came across one.

‘Brother cat, will you come and live in my den?’ the lion asked.

‘Why do you want me to stay with you?’ the cat asked.

‘Just to frighten away a little mouse,’ said the lion.

‘A mouse! I will come,’ said the cat.

The lion looked after the cat well. He would give the cat whatever he wanted. The cat thus lived a royal life. Meanwhile, the mouse stopped coming out of his hole. He was afraid of the cat.

At long last the lion started getting good sleep. But the poor mouse. He hadn’t eaten anything in days. He would move about his hole restlessly. The lion was mighty pleased to hear this.

Days passed. The mouse couldn’t take it any longer. Then one day as the lion napped and the cat dozed, the mouse crept timidly out of his hole.

‘It is my lucky day. The cat has dropped some food on the ground,’ the mouse spoke to himself. But he spoke a little louder. The cat woke up and pounced on him.

‘The richest of cream or the freshest of fish – there is nothing compared to a delicious cat,’ thought the cat as he feasted on the flesh of the mouse.

The cat was in haste too. Days passed. The lion was no longer hearing the mouse moving about. ‘The little pest must have gone somewhere,’ thought the lion. He no longer wanted the cat’s service. So he stopped feeding him.

‘Brother lion, I am hungry,’ the cat complained one day.

‘Then go and catch yourself some mice. I would like to sleep now. Don’t disturb me,’ said the lion.’

As the dejected cat left the den, he was indeed a wiser animal. ‘I shouldn’t have killed that mouse. It was my livelihood,’ thought the cat.


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