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To command is to order, instruct, direct or require.

  • The king commanded his guards to execute anyone who dared to enter his chamber.

Note the word pattern: command + noun/pronoun + to-infinitive

The father commanded the children to stay quiet.

  • The principal commanded the boys to leave the class.

Command can also mean lead, direct, manage, guide, govern or supervise

  • General Patton commanded the 7th Army in World War II.

To command love or admiration is to earn it.

  • The singer commanded the admiration of music lovers all over the world.

Command (noun)

Command can also be a noun.

As a noun, command means ‘order, instruction, bid or call’.

Who issued the command to fire?

  • The dictator assumed command of the country. (= The dictator took control of the country.)

To have a good command of a language is to be proficient in it.

  • She has a good command of German.

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