Common Adverb Phrases

Here is a list of common adverb phrases.

Above all (before all other considerations)

Above all, be honest.

Above board (straightforward, legitimate, honest)

Everything he did was fair and above board.

After all (in spite of all considerations to the contrary)

After all, she is a mere child.

Again and again (repeatedly)

She asks the same questions again and again.

All the same (nevertheless)

He doesn’t seem to have the required qualifications; all the same, we may hire him.

All of a sudden (suddenly)

All of a sudden, he started yelling at me.

At present (now)

She is jobless at present.

There is nothing more we can do at present.

As a matter of fact (in reality)

She looks quite younger than she is. As a matter of fact, she is forty.

At any rate (whatever may happen)

We have to win that contract at any rate.

Before long (soon)

Before long, he will grow into a handsome young man.

By and by (eventually)

By and by, the excitement died down.

By the way (incidentally – this is an expression used to add something to a conversation)

By the way, I met your dad at the club yesterday.

By heart

Learn this poem by heart.

By far (by a great extent)

She is by far the best singer of this decade.

By no means (in no way)

They can, by no means, deprive me of my right to the property.

Far and near (everywhere)

I searched for my missing cat far and near.

Far and wide (everywhere, all over)

The actor’s fame spread far and wide.

First and foremost (more than anything else)

In spite of her success as an entrepreneur, she is first and foremost a mother.

For certain (for sure)

I know for certain that they are getting married.

For long (for a long time)

Nothing was heard of him for long.

For better or for worse (whatever be my lot)

I am following your advice for better or for worse.

From time to time (occasionally)

You should take a break from time to time.

Little by little (slowly or gradually)

Little by little his savings grew into a huge sum.

In the least (at all)

She was not in the least disturbed by the news.

In every respect (in every way)

He is a gentleman in every respect.

Now and then (occasionally)

She calls me every now and then.

Off and on (happening only some of the time)

He worked off and on as a pizza delivery guy.

On the contrary (the opposite of what you think or feel)

‘Nice movie?’ ‘On the contrary, it was a sheer waste of time.’

Once and for all (finally)

Let’s settle this dispute once and for all.

On the whole (generally speaking)

On the whole, his thesis is better than yours.

Over and above (in addition to)

Over and above being a talented singer, she is an accomplished dancer.

Sooner or later (at some time in the future)

Sooner or later you will have to pay for your sins.

So far as / as far as

The movie was a success as far as box office collections were concerned.

Then and there

The culprit was caught and the punishment was delivered then and there.

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