Compound Adjectives For Class 3

A compound adjective is an adjective made up of two or more words. Sometimes we use a hyphen to separate the two words in a compound adjective.

Examples are given below: long-term, short-term, long-distance, full-fledged, sun-dried, middle-aged, five-year, well-known, old-fashioned, world-famous, smoke-free, family-friendly, high-quality, good-looking, much-loved etc.

My landlady is a kind-hearted woman.

She is a well-known writer.

It is an oft-heard story.

My grandmother is a soft-spoken woman.

Jealousy is a green-eyed monster.

The sharp-eyed readers could quickly spot the error.

He is an old-fashioned guy.

The room was brightly-lit.

He is a middle-aged man.

He is doing a short-term course in artificial intelligence.

She has an easy-going personality.

Tight-fitting jeans are not good for your legs.

He is a twenty-year old man.

The high-handed attitude of the management angered the employees.

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