Diary Entry Writing Format Class 9

You recently visited your grandparents in their village and were delighted to see the village life. Write a diary entry describing your memorable visit and the wonderful days you spent with your grandparents.

Sample diary entry


November 6, 2022

Saturday, 8 PM

Dear Diary

It has been nearly two weeks since I arrived in Kerala to spend the Diwali holidays with my grandparents. We are leaving for Mumbai tomorrow and I feel really sad. I wish I could spend many more days here. I must tell you this is the best vacation I have had in a long time. While this is not my first visit to Kerala, during the previous occasions, I could spend only a couple of days in my grandparents’ village. We used to spend the rest of the holidays with my uncle in Chennai. This time my uncle and his family were also in Kerala and I had a blast with my cousins and grandparents. We would wake up early in the morning, bathe in the river and go to the temple nearby. You know what? I learned swimming on this trip. My grandfather was my coach. While I don’t consider myself a great swimmer at the moment, I am no longer afraid of water. I also learned to climb trees. The highlight of this trip was the afternoons spent in the backyard on top of various trees. My mother doesn’t like it when I climb trees. She is afraid that I might fall. I do it anyway when she is not looking. Both my cousins are younger than me so bossing them around was another favourite activity of mine during these days. Now I am going to miss all of these. No problem, summer vacation is only a few months away and my mother has promised me that she would allow me to spend the entire two months in Kerala with my grandparents.


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