Direct And Indirect Speech Worksheet For Class 7

Change into indirect (reported) speech. You can learn about direct and indirect speech here.

1. ‘When are you leaving for Mumbai?’ James asked me.

2. ‘Was there a big crowd at the wedding?’ asked the man.

3. ‘Is Mohan present today?’ asked the teacher.

4. Lakshmi said, ‘I am going to School.’

5. She said to Sam, ‘Please wait here until I return.’

6. ‘Don’t waste a lot of money on clothes and cosmetics,’ the mother said to the daughter.

7. ‘Will you buy my hair?’ Della asked Madam.

8. ‘Where were you all the time?’ the father asked the son.

9. ‘My Lord, is any of your silver missing?’ the Sergeant said to the Bishop.

10. ‘Did you see the exhibition?’ the teacher asked me.


1. James asked me when I was leaving for Mumbai.

2. The man asked if there was a big crowd at the wedding.

3. The teacher asked whether Mohan was present that day.

4. Lakshmi said that she was going to School.

5. She told/requested Sam to wait there until she returned.

6. The mother advised the daughter not to waste a lot of money on clothes and cosmetics.

7. Della asked Madam whether she would buy her hair.

8. The father asked the son where he had been all the time.

9. The Sergeant asked the Bishop if any of his silver was missing.

10. The teacher asked me if I had seen the exhibition.


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