English Beach Vocabulary

Now that summer season has begun people have started flocking to the beaches. So what are the things you will need to take with you when you go to the beach?

Sun’s rays are the harshest during summer. Use a good sunscreen lotion to protect your skin before you step out. These have chemicals that will prevent the harmful ultraviolet rays from causing damage to your skin. You will also need sunglasses and a sunhat.

Excessive exposure to the sun can cause sunburns or even sunstroke. Sunburn means the darkening or blistering of the skin caused by the sun. Sunstroke is also caused by over exposure to sun rays. It is an even more dangerous condition and can even lead to death. To be on the safe side, limit your exposure to the sun when you go to the beach. You can, for instance, sit under parasols. These are large umbrellas that provide good protection from sun rays and heat.

To sunbathe is to sit or lie in the sun. It is a favorite activity with people who like to get tan. So what is tan? It is the yellowish brown colour that skin gets due to exposure to sun rays. Why do people like to be tanned by the sun? Honestly I don’t know. People who have extremely fair or pale skin seem to believe that a brownish, sun-kissed skin is more attractive. People wear a swimming costume while they sunbathe. Women often wrap a long piece of cotton called sarong around their waist to cover their legs.

While sunbathing you can sit on a deckchair. Some people prefer to recline on a sun-lounger. Different people do different things on the beach. Some like to read while others like to listen to music. Children like to make sandcastles. If you are sporty, you can play a game like beach volleyball or badminton. Some people like to swim in the sea. If you aren’t very adventurous, you will probably want to avoid this.

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