Entertainment idioms

Here is a list of some entertainment idioms.

To make a clown of yourself

You make a clown of yourself when your actions or words make you appear silly or foolish.

  • He made a clown of himself in front of the guests by cracking some stupid jokes.

To be in the limelight

When you are in the limelight, you are the centre of attraction.

  • Most of our celebrities are desperate to keep themselves in the limelight.

Museum piece

This expression is used to refer to something that is old or old-fashioned.

  • My old Fiat has become a museum piece. I am going to buy a new car.

A dog and pony show

This expression is used to refer to an event organized with the object of promoting a product or service.

  • Last week the company staged a dog and pony show for the media.

The show must go on

This expression suggests that an event must go on even if there are problems.

  • From the hospital bed, he went straight to work. After all, the show must go on.

To run the show

To run the show is to be in charge of an organization or activity.

  • He joined the company as a lower division clerk, but now he is running the show.

To sing your heart out

To sing your heart out is to sing with more passion or intensity.

  • He only had a small audience; still he sang his heart out.

To be star-studded

If an event is attended by famous people from the entertainment industry, it is often referred to as a star-studded event.

  • The award night was a star-studded event.

To steal the show

To steal the show is to do something that will win the greatest praise.

  • She stole the show with her marvelous performance.

To steal someone’s thunder

You steal someone’s thunder when you do something that they were going to do before they do it. By doing this, you can take praise away from them.

  • Both Peter and Mark had gone to report the event, but Mark stole Peter’s thunder by getting more exclusive stories published.



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