Airhead | English Idioms

The expression airhead is used to refer to a person who is so stupid. When you say that somebody is an airhead what you mean is that his head is filled with air, and not brains. Needless to say, calling somebody an airhead in public isn’t considered very polite.

  • Rahul is such an airhead. He can’t even do simple arithmetic sums.
  • I honestly don’t understand how he manages to live with an airhead like her.
  • She will do all sort of stupid things. She is a total airhead.
  • He must be an airhead. Otherwise he wouldn’t have bought that piece of junk for $2000.
  • Are you an airhead? Don’t you even understand the difference between solids and liquids?
  • It is true that she was pretty, but I never really enjoyed her company. She was such an airhead.

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