Express regret using wish

We often use wish to express regret that things are not different. In this case, wish is followed by a that-clause. Note that ‘that’ is often dropped in an informal style.

When we use wish to talk about unreal or impossible situations, we use past tenses.

Study the example given below:

  • I am not good looking (and I am unhappy about it).

I can express my regret using ‘wish’.

  • I was I was better looking.

Rewrite the following sentences using wish.

1. I can’t fly.

2. I can’t speak French.

3. Tomorrow is not Sunday.

4. I am not handsome.

5. I hardly ever get letters.

6. It is raining.

7. I don’t know the truth.

8. I called him a fool.

9. I have lost my bicycle.

10. Anu is not here.

11. I can’t afford a bigger home.

12. I don’t have the key.


1. I wish I could fly.

2. I wish I could speak French.

3. I wish tomorrow was Sunday.

4. I wish I were handsome.

5. I wish I got more letters.

6. I wish it wasn’t raining.

7. I wish I knew the truth.

8. I wish I hadn’t called him a fool.

9. I wish I hadn’t lost my bicycle.

10. I wish Anu was here.

11. I wish I could afford a bigger home.

12. I wish I had the key.



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