Direct and indirect speech worksheet for class 7

Sentences are given in the direct speech. Change them into the indirect speech.

1. The captain said, ‘This is an occasion to celebrate.’

2. The mother said to her daughter, ‘I’m proud of your achievements.’

3. ‘I’ve spoken nothing but the truth,’ the prisoner said.

4. The mother said to her son, ‘I will lend you the money but you have to listen to me.’

5. ‘Is your father at home?’ the stranger asked me.

6. ‘Get out of the class,’ the teacher yelled at the boy.

7. Sarika said, ‘Let’s get something to eat.’

8. Karan said, ‘Alas, how foolish I have been.’

9. The traveler said, ‘I’ve lost all my money.’

10. They said to her this morning, ‘We will meet you tomorrow evening.’


1. The captain said that it was an occasion to celebrate.

2. The mother told her daughter that she was proud of her achievements.

3. The prisoner insisted that he had spoken nothing but the truth.

4. The mother told her son that she would lend him the money but he had to listen to her.

5. The stranger asked me if my father was at home.

6. The teacher ordered the boy to get out of the class.

7. Sarika suggested that we should get something to eat.

8. Karan regretted that he had been very foolish.

9. The traveler cried / exclaimed that he had lost all his money.

10. They told her this morning that they would meet her the next day in the evening.

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  1. The questions were good for revision before finals but they would have been better if direct speeches containing answer questions like ( he asked,” where has suransh gone?”). In such type of questions me and my classmates often get confused as we always forget to write ‘has’ after the name ‘suresh’ otherwise the statement would get converted into a question. The answer would be: He asked where Suresh has gone.

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