Direct And Indirect Speech Worksheet For Class 10 | Reporting Wh-Questions

Questions are given in direct speech. Change them into the indirect speech.

We do not use any special words to introduce reported Wh-questions. The question word in the direct question is repeated in the indirect question.

You can learn more about direct and indirect speech here.

Direct and indirect speech worksheet for class 10

‘Where is Rani?’ I asked him. (Direct speech)

I asked him where Rani was.  (Indirect speech)

1. ‘Where is the railway station?’ the traveler asked the stranger.

2. ‘What is your name?’ he asked me.

3. ‘Whom do you want to meet?’ the receptionist asked the visitor.

4. ‘Where can I buy food?’ the stranger asked the cop.

5. ‘How do you know him?’ she asked me.

6. ‘When did the accident happen?’ I asked them.

7. ‘Who won?’ I said to them.

8. ‘What did you do then?’ she asked me.

9. ‘Where have they gone?’ I asked.

10. ‘What can you do for me?’ she asked me.


1. The traveler asked the stranger where the railway station was.

2. He asked me what my name was.

3. The receptionist asked the visitor whom he wanted to meet.

4. The stranger asked the cop where he could buy food.

5. She asked me how I knew him.

6. I asked them when the accident had happened.

7. I asked them who had won.

8. She asked me what I had done then.

9. I asked where they had gone.

10. She asked me what I could do for her.

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