Direct And Indirect Speech Worksheet For Class 8 CBSE

Sentences are given in the direct speech. Change them into the indirect speech/ indirect speech.

1. ‘Do you know Rahul?’ Preeti asked.

2. ‘You should get that mole examined,’ said the doctor.

3. ‘It is time you went to bed,’ mother told her daughter.

4. ‘I have failed my test,’ the boy said.

5. ‘Do you know any shops where they sell carpets?’ the tourist asked the man.

6. ‘What were you doing in the morning?’ mother said to me.

7. ‘Does anyone know the answer?’ the teacher asked the students.

8. ‘We can’t wait any longer,’ he told us.

9. ‘You won’t get another chance.’ He said to me.

10. ‘Will you leave me alone?’ she asked me.


1. Preeti asked if I knew Rahul.

2. The doctor said that I should get that mole examined.

3. Mother told her daughter that it was time she went to bed.

4. The boy lamented that he had failed his test.

5. The tourist asked the man if/whether he knew any shops where they sold carpets.

6. Mother asked me what I was doing in the morning.

7. The teacher asked the students if / whether anyone knew the answer.

8. He told us that we couldn’t wait any longer.

9. He told me that I wouldn’t get another chance.

10. She asked me if I would leave her alone.

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