Foot Idioms

Idioms are common in all kinds of English, formal and informal, spoken and written. Here is a list of idioms derived from the word ‘foot’.

Catch somebody on the wrong foot (If somebody catches you on the wrong foot, you are caught when you least expect it.)

  • Upon entering the examination hall, I found John cheating and caught him on the wrong foot.

Let the grass grow under one’s feet (procrastinate; delay in getting something done)

  • You will never finish any work in time if you let the grass grow under your feet.

Put one’s best foot forward (do one’s best)

  • I hope to put my best foot forward during the interview.

Foot the bill (pay the bill)

  • He footed the bill for the party arranged by his brother.

Put your foot down (insist; be firm)

He was keen on quitting the job but his mother put her foot down and said that he shouldn’t.

Put one’s foot in the mouth (say something that causes trouble or embarrassment)

Every time he opens his mouth, he manages to put his foot in it. (= Whenever he says something he manages to say the wrong thing and causes embarrassment.)

Have one foot in the grave (be very old and near death)

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