Formal Letter Sample For Classes 9 And 10

The Sahodaya English Fest is scheduled to be conducted on the same day as the NTS Exam is to be held. This has created a lot of concern for students who intend to participate in both.

Write a letter to the President of your Sahodaya in 100-120 words expressing your concern about the issue and requesting him to shift the date of the English Fest. You are Ravi / Ramya, a class X student of Benchmarks Universal School, Kochi.

Sample letter

Benchmarks Universal School

15th October, 2019

Sahodaya, Kochi

Subject: Request to postpone the English Fest

Dear Sir or Madam

I am writing on behalf of the class 10 students of Benchmarks Universal School, Kochi. As many as 50 students of our school have applied for the NTS exam scheduled to be conducted on the first Sunday of November. Unfortunately, the Sahodaya English Fest is also scheduled for the same day. Many of us who have applied for NTS also want to participate in the Sahodaya Fest. Hence, I am writing to request you to reschedule the date of the Fest. It could be postponed to the second Sunday of November. Or perhaps it could be organized on the last Sunday of October. This will enable all the interested students to participate in both.

I hope you will consider our request.

Yours faithfully



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