Find The Missing Word | Class 10 English Grammar Worksheet

In the following paragraph one word has been omitted in each line. Write the missing words in any four lines of the given paragraph, along with the words that come before and the words that come after it in the space provided.

Word before                    Missing word              word after

It is difficult describe the chaos created by                (a)

various animals they spot or suspect a                       (b)

panther around. The chital strikes shrill note,           (c)

the kakar emits a deafening bark and sambar           (d)

rings a bell. All the bird animals join in                      (e)

the chorus of condemnation the panther                   (f)


Word before / missing word / word after

(a) difficult / to / describe

(b) animals / when / they

(c) strikes / a / shrill

(d) and / the / sambar

(e) birds / and / animals

(f) condemnation / of / the



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