Find the missing word

In each of the following sentences one word is missing. Find the missing word and indicate its position by writing the word that comes before and after it.

1. His suits are made of most expensive cloth.

2. It was only when I read her letter that I realized was happening.

3. A lot of businesses are going under because the economic crisis.

4. We looked over the cliff at the waves crashing the rocks below.

5. Could I ask you something you are not too busy?

6. They stood there as if they had been turned stone.

7. What do you have to do become a pilot?

8. Mary is the person keeps a pig in the garden shed.

9. The more money he makes, more useless things he buys.

10. I took the car to the garage and asked them to have look at the meeting.


1. of the most

2. realized what was

3. because of the

4. crashing on the

5. something if you

6. turned into stone

7. do to become

8. person who keeps

9. makes the more

10. have a look


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