Formation of opposites by adding the prefixes un and dis

The prefixes dis- and un- can be added to words to form their opposites.

Easy x uneasy

Expected x unexpected

Tidy x untidy

Comfortable x uncomfortable

Happy x unhappy

Necessary x unnecessary

Ripe x unripe

Tie x untie

Pleasant x unpleasant

Attractive x unattractive

Acceptable x unacceptable

Faithful x unfaithful

Familiar x unfamiliar

Limited x unlimited

Popular x unpopular

Complicated x uncomplicated

Safe x unsafe

Stable x unstable

Skilled x unskilled

Honest x dishonest

Appeared x disappeared

Agree x disagree

Service x disservice

Courage x discourage

Satisfied x dissatisfied

Approve x disapprove

Agree x disagree

Continue x discontinue

Comfort x discomfort

Connect x disconnect

Grace x disgrace

Honor x dishonor

Infect x disinfect

Obedient x disobedient

Please x displease

Pleasure x displeasure

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