Gap fills | CBSE Class 10 English grammar worksheets

In each sentence given below one word is missing. Write the missing word along with the word that comes before and after that in the space provided. Underline the word that forms the answer.

An example is given below.

Indian politicians are never tired taking an oath in the name of secularism.

Answer: tired of taking

The word missing here is ‘of’.


1. October 30th marked the 65th anniversary of of the main tools of scientific medicine: the modern clinical trial.

Answer: ______________________

2. The idea of testing new drugs on a few people before administering them everybody else was not original.

Answers: _____________________

3. However, when Austin Bradford Hill published a research paper his trial of the antibiotic streptomycin on patients suffering from tuberculosis, it was considered as a major breakthrough.

Answer: ­­­­­­______________________

4. The trial that he conducted was controlled, randomized trial.

Answer: ______________________

5. It was ‘controlled’ because only half of the volunteers given the drug.

Answer: ______________________

6. It was ‘randomized’ because those who received the drugs were chosen random.

Answer: ______________________


1. of one of

2. them on everybody

3. paper on his

4. was a controlled

5. volunteers were given

6. chosen at random


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