Hand Idioms | Idioms Derived From The Word Hand

Idioms are common in all kinds of English, formal and informal, spoken and written. Here is a list of idioms derived from the word ‘hand’.

Have someone in the palm of your hand (If you have someone in the palm of your hand, you have absolute control over them.)

  • She has her boyfriend in the palm of her hand.

Beat someone hands down/ win something hands down (win easily)

  • Whenever we play tennis, he beats me hands down.

Someone’s hands are tied (If your hands are tied, you are not free to behave in the way you like.)

  • As a civil servant I would like to do something about the rampant corruption, but my hands are tied.

Know something like the back of your hand (know something very well)

  • He knows the whole of Europe like the back of his hand.

Work hand in glove with someone/ go hand in glove (be in close association)

  • It is a well-known fact that physical fitness goes hand in glove with mental well-being.

Give/lend a helping hand (assist or help)

  • He is always willing to lend a helping hand to anybody in need.

Give somebody a big hand (applaud somebody loudly and generously)

  • The audience gave the performers a big hand.

Fall into the hands of someone (be caught or captured by someone)

  • He fell into the hands of his enemies.

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