Idioms And Phrases Exercise For Bank PO

Here are some practice study materials for students preparing for bank PO examinations.

Model English Test 2

Questions 1 – 7

In the following questions, sentences are given with four alternatives. Every sentence contains an idiom/phrase. You are to select the alternative which best expresses the meaning of this idiom/phrase for each of the questions.

1. He has the gift of the gab.

a) gifted
b) present of chattering
c) a chatterbox
d) a good conservationist

2. Parental property has become a bone of contention between the two brothers.

a) unifying factor
b) a firm view
c) something that causes a quarrel
d) none of these

3. Once in a blue moon, we meet each other.

a) frequently
b) hardly ever
c) very seldom indeed
d) in the light of a blue moon

4. He has been jobless for several months, and it is his wife who keeps the pot boiling.

a) avoid starvation
b) keep the fire burning
c) be angry
d) keep firing

5. In the end he had to eat the humble pie.

a) apologize humbly
b) adopt an aggressive attitude
c) defend oneself vigorously
d) none of these

6. To be a good orator, you don’t have to play to the galleries.

a) offend audiences
b) appease select audience
c) to appeal to the lower taste
d) to go prepared to the hall

7. The officer took him to task.

a) rebuked him
b) praised him
c) promoted him
d) dismissed him

Questions 8 – 13

In the following questions a word is followed by four alternative words. You are to select the alternative word which is nearly opposite in meaning to the given word.

8. Gracious

a) benign
b) churlish
c) clement
d) cautious

9. Latent

a) undeveloped
b) gay
c) convincing
d) conspicuous

10. Impede

a) fall away
b) filter
c) fester
d) facilitate

11. Surreptitious

a) mighty
b) overt
c) unplanned
d) plausible

12. Congruity

a) inconsistency
b) irregularity
c) disagreement
d) mismatch

13. Macabre

a) ugly
b) extravagant
c) lovely
d) unholy


1. a good conversationist
2. something that causes a quarrel
3. very seldom indeed
4. avoid starvation
5. apologize humbly
6. to appeal to the lower taste
7. rebuked him
8. churlish
9. conspicuous
10. facilitate
11. overt
12. inconsistency
13. lovely

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