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Model English Test 1

Questions 1 – 5

Fill in the blanks with an appropriate word. Each question is followed by four suggested answers. Choose the most appropriate one.

1. Space research in India has been growing by leaps and ————— with ISRO focusing on moon research.

a) bounds
b) starts
c) fits
d) none of these

2. The duty of a space scientist is to ——————— the mysteries of the universe.

a) unravel
b) identify
c) diagnose
d) disclose

3. All steps have been taken to —————— the formation of the new state.

a) expedite
b) accelerate
c) extract
d) none of these

4. The —————— of his statement are far-reaching.

a) implications
b) applications
c) allusions
d) consequences

5. I have performed the task ————– to me.

a) allowed
b) allotted
c) subscribed
d) designed

Questions 6 – 10

Against each key word are given five suggested meanings. Choose the one which is similar in meaning to the key word.

6. Calumny

a) encomium
b) slander
c) veritable
d) virtuous
e) benign

7. Anathema

a) blessing
b) potent
c) curse
d) callous
e) privileged

8. Disparate

a) similar
b) unique
c) genuine
d) dissimilar
e) dangling

9. Interdict

a) appreciate
b) approve
c) allow
d) prohibit
e) prescribe

10. Inveterate

a) chronic
b) mild
c) corrigible
d) curable
e) none of these

Questions 11 – 15

Against each key word are given five suggested meanings. Choose the one which is most opposite in meaning to the key word.

11. Odious

a) loathsome
b) delightful
c) delicious
d) delinquent
e) deliberate

12. Prodigal

a) cautious
b) reckless
c) dissolute
d) wasteful
e) profligate

13. Recalcitrant

a) noncompliant
b) well-behaved
c) refractory
d) unruly
e) intractable

14. Blatant

a) obvious
b) manifest
c) furtive
d) unashamed
e) none of these

15. Vociferous

a) raucous
b) strident
c) quiet
d) enthusiastic
e) determined



1. bounds
2. unravel
3. expedite
4. implications
5. allotted
6. slander
7. curse
8. dissimilar
9. prohibit
10. chronic
11. delightful
12. cautious
13. well-behaved
14. furtive
15. quiet

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