English For Bank PO Exams

This English grammar exercise is designed for students preparing for bank PO and MBA entrance examinations.

Fill in the blanks with an appropriate word or phrase.

1. Space research in India has been growing by leaps and _______ with ISRO focusing on moon research.

a. bounds
b. starts
c. fits

2. The duty of a space scientist is to ____________ the mysteries of the universe.

a. unravel
b. identify
c. diagnose
d. disclose

3. All steps have been taken to __________ the formation of the new state.

a. expedite
b. accelerate
c. extract

4. The __________ of his statement are far-reaching.

a. implications
b. applications
c. allusions
d. consequences

5. I have performed the task ___________ to me.

a. allowed
b. allotted
c. subscribed
d. designed

Directions: From the given options choose the one which is similar in meaning to the key word.

6. Calumny

a. Encomium
b. Slander
c. Veritable
d. Virtuous

7. Anathema

a. Blessing
b. Potent
c. Curse
d. Callous

8. Disparate

a. Similar
b. Unique
c. Genuine
d. Dissimilar

9. Interdict

a. Appreciate
b. Approve
c. Allow
d. Prohibit

10. Inveterate

a. Chronic
b. Mild
c. Corrigible
d. Curable


1. bounds (‘ By leaps and bounds’ is an idiom and means rapidly.)
2. unravel (Mysteries are meant to be unraveled and revealed therefore unraveled is the correct answer.)
3. expedite (Expedite is correct because it means to speed up/ facilitate a process. Accelerate refers to physical motion and speed. Extract means to draw out and is unrelated.)
4. implications
5. allotted
6. slander (Calumny is back-biting and making false and derogatory statements. Slander also means the same)
7. curse (Anathema is something that is bad and unwanted as well as brings bad results. With this in mind, curse is the correct option as it is similar in meaning.)
8. Dissimilar
9. Prohibit
10. Chronic

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