Sentence Improvement Tasks For Bank PO And MBA Entrance Exams

Which of the phrases (a), (b) or (c) should replace the word/phrase in bold letters to make the sentence grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is, mark (d) as your answer.

English Grammar Practice

1. The peasant told the youth that the weather is stormy and the way was long.

a) was stormy
b) had been stormy
c) has been stormy
d) No improvement

2. The only inhabitants of the village said that they have never known anyone cross the hills in deep snow.

a) had never known
b) never knew
c) had never been known
d) No improvement

3. The pickpocket confessed that he had picked the man’s pocket.

a) had been picked
b) has picked
c) has been picked
d) No improvement

4. He was so tired that he might barely stand.

a) would
b) should
c) could
d) No improvement

5. If you had asked me I would have been helped you with pleasure.

a) would help
b) would have helped
c) had helped
d) No improvement

6. I was going to have meals when they were calling me.

a) had called
b) called
c) were called
d) No improvement

7. No one could explain how the prisoner was escaped from the prison.

a) had escaped
b) has escaped
c) had been escaped
d) no improvement

8. This passage is so difficult that I can’t comprehend it.

a) am not comprehending
b) could not comprehend
c) was not comprehending
d) No improvement

9. The teacher asked the boys whether they have solved the sums.

a) had solved
b) were solved
c) solve
d) No improvement

10. Although they had defeated, they did not lose heart.

a) were defeated
b) have been defeated
c) have defeated
d) No improvement

11. He said that he would not believe it even if he saw it with his own eyes.

a) will not
b) could not
c) had not
d) No improvement

12. A great city once stood where the village of Rajgir now lied.

a) lies
b) had lied
c) lying
d) No improvement

13. The sage enjoined his disciplines not to blame others for their failures.

a) enjoined upon
b) enjoined to
c) enjoined with
d) No improvement

14. The girl requested that she was allowed to have another helping of the pudding.

a) should be allowed
b) could be allowed
c) would be allowed
d) No improvement

15. My pen was stealing by somebody yesterday.

a) was stolen
b) has stolen
c) had stolen
d) No improvement

16. That politics is a dirty game is now believed by many people.

a) is now being believed
b) has now believed
c) was now being believing
d) No improvement

17. The father expressed his desire that his son became a doctor.

a) should become
b) had become
c) become
d) No improvement

18. Since the doctors couldn’t move him to a hospital, he operated upon at home.

a) has operated upon
b) was operated upon
c) had operated upon
d) No Improvement

19. Unauthorized settlements in many parts of the city have demolished.

a) have been demolished
b) had demolished
c) was demolished
d) No improvement

20. Had you finished your homework in time, you would be allowed to go home.

a) would have been allowed
b) had been allowed
c) were allowed
d) No improvement

21. When you reach his house, he will be waiting for you for two hours.

a) will have been
b) would be
c) would have been
d) No improvement

21. Deepak has wanted to join the medical college, but he failed to get admission.

a) had wanted
b) was wanting
c) would want
d) No improvement

22. The finance minister has announced an across-the-board wage increase.

a) across-the-horde
b) over-the-board
c) over-the-table
d) no improvement

23. A grammar rule, unless true, is useless unless it can be understood.

a) however true
b) whether true
c) if true
d) No improvement

24. It was a long time before she completely used to working with old people.

a) she was completely
b) she had completely
c) she is completely
d) No improvement

25. In spite the fact that she had three small children, the judge sent her to prison.

a) despite of the fact
b) in spite of the fact
c) in spite of
d) No improvement


1. was stormy
2. had never known
3. no improvement
4. could
5. would have helped
6. called
7. had escaped
8. no improvement
9. had solved
10. were defeated
11. no improvement
12. lies
13. enjoined upon
14. should be allowed
15. was stolen
16. no improvement
17. should become
18. was operated upon
19. have been demolished
20. would have been allowed
21. had wanted
22. no improvement
23. however true
24. she was completely
25. in spite of the fact

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