Model English Test For UPSC, MBA And Bank Tests

Sentence improvement test 1

Sentence improvement tasks appear in various English examinations.

Which of the phrases (a), (b) or (c) should replace the word/phrase in bold letters to make the sentence grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is, mark (d) as your answer.

1. The tremors from India’s nuclear explosions barely subsided before the finger-pointing in Washington began.

a) had barely subsided
b) hadn’t barely subsided
c) was barely subsided
d) No improvement

2. For centuries we have been trying to cure the ills of the world.

a) are trying
b) were trying
c) had been trying
d) No improvement

3. In her way home from work, Alice often stops at her neighbourhood bookstore to buy a copy of Cosmopolitan magazine.

a) On her way home
b) At her way home
c) By her way home
d) No improvement

4. Had they been known the reality, they would not have signed the documents.

a) If they would have known
b) If had they known
c) If they had known
d) No improvement

5. His courteous behaviour with others always creates a good impact.

a) courteously behaviour with
b) courteous behaving with
c) behaviour with courtesy
d) No improvement

6. The thieves had already been escaped, before the police arrived.

a) had already escaped
b) had been escaped
c) were escaped
d) No improvement

7. Your statement that you were complete unaware of his motive cannot be trusted.

a) Were completely unaware of
b) had complete unaware of
c) were completely aware of
d) No improvement

8. Although he is aware of the futility of his plans, he insisted on their completion.

a) was aware
b) has been aware
c) had aware
d) No improvement

9. Everything would be fine, if you hadn’t decided to change your solicitor.

a) would have been fine
b) will be fine
c) was fine
d) No improvement

10. Through my work and my personal experiences, I have become convinced that effective decision-making is fundamental to full enjoyment of life.

a) am become convinced
b) had become convinced
c) was convinced
d) No improvement

11. My communication with nature rejuvenates me and balances my health.

a) communion
b) company
c) commitment
d) No improvement

12. A leader who is keen to acquiring a strong will power must begin by exercising his will whenever opportunities present themselves.

a) keen on acquiring
b) keen at acquiring
c) keen for acquiring
d) No improvement

13. They were sent Lucas to prison for five years.

a) sent
b) are sent
c) send
d) No improvement

14. Sometimes I wish I had never born.

a) I had never been born
b) I have never born
c) I was never been born
d) No improvement

15. What would you have done if the train had been late?

a) would you do
b) will you do
c) would you have did
d) No improvement

16. He is not able to be understood.

a) was not able to be
b) can’t be
c) won’t be
d) No improvement

17. After two days marching through the foothill, they found themselves at the base of the mountain proper.

a) at the bottom of the mountain
b) under the mountain
c) beneath the mountain
d) No improvement

18. She smiled friendly.

a) in a friendly way
b) Friendlily
c) a friendly way
d) No improvement

19. I am going to do my exams, and after I am going to study medicine.

a) afterwards
b) later
c) then
d) No improvement

20. I like to be alone for short periods, but after a few days I start getting alone.

a) lonely
b) lone
c) solitary
d) No improvement

21. I know you don’t like me. I don’t like you too.

a) I don’t like you neither
b) I don’t like you either.
c) I don’t like you as well
d) No improvement

22. That day, for the first time since her husband had died a year ago, she was glad that she was not died as well.

a) had not died as well
b) has not died as well
c) didn’t die as well
d) No improvement

23. On the stand there were newspapers and magazine of all kind.

a) every
b) any
c) whole
d) No improvement

24. When he kept saying he was working late at the office, it began to wake her suspicions.

a) awake
b) arouse
c) invoke
d) No improvement

25. It is extremely difficult to rouse my father in the mornings.

a) Awake my father
b) Wake my father
c) wake my father up
d) No improvement


1. had barely subsided
2. (d) No improvement
3. on her way home
4. if they had known
5. No improvement
6. had already escaped
7. were completely unaware of
8. was aware
9. would have been fine
10. No improvement
11. communion
12. keen on acquiring
13. sent
14. I had never been born
15. No improvement
16. can’t be
17. No improvement
18. in a friendly way (Friendly is an adjective. After the verb smiled, we have to use an adverb, not an adjective)
19. afterwards
20. lonely
21. I don’t like you either
22. had not died as well
23. every
24. arouse
25. wake my father up (Rouse is extremely formal)

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