Phrasal Verbs Exercise | Class 10 English Grammar CBSE

Fill in the blanks with appropriate adverb particles or prepositions. Each question is followed by four suggested answers. Choose the most appropriate one.

Phrasal verbs exercise

1. She broke ———————– in the middle of her speech.
a) up b) in c) down d) off

2. Could you blow —————– the candle?
a) off b) on c) out d) up

3. At last the storm has blown —————-.
a) off b) over c) out d) in

4. The opposition parties are planning to bring ————– a No-Confidence Motion against the Prime Minister.
a) up b) forward c) out d) about

5. The accused said that he can’t call ————— the whole events.
a) up (recollect) b) in c) on d) at

6. The workers have called —————- the strike.
a) off b) on c) at d) in

7. The team of investigators tried to call —————- the necessary information from him.
a) off b) forth c) up d) out

8. The terrorist’s plan to blow —————– the bridge was foiled by police.
a) out b) off c) up d) over

9. She is cut —————- for a job of this kind.
a) out b) off c) up d) down

10. She came ——————- with flying colors in the examination.
a) out b) on c) off d) after

11. A new edition of this book will be brought ————- soon.
a) in b) forward c) out d) off

12. I am sure that this scheme of his will eventually fall —————–
a) off b) through c) up d) out

13. I have real trouble getting on —————- her.
a) at b) with c) by d) after

14. She is looking —————- to being a grand mother.
a) at b) after c) forward d) up

15. After he became rich be began to look down ————— his old friends.
a) on b) upon c) at d) off

16. The chief guest gave ————– the prizes.
a) away b) over c) to d) out

17. If a word is unfamiliar to you, you should look ————– its meaning in the dictionary.
a) over b) after c) up d) into

18. Everybody in the village looked up ————— the old man.
a) to b) at c) down d) after

19. The bridge gave ——————- under the weight of heavy traffic.
a) away b) way c) up d) in

20. He could not put —————- with such an insult.
a) out b) away c) up d) off

21. She was put ————— when he refused to listen to her.
a) out b) off c) up d) away

22. You must put ————— something for the rainy day.
a) off b) out c) by d) up

23. She could not see —————– his game.
a) off b) to c) through d) at

24. The twin girls take —————— their mother.
a) in b) after c) to d) on

25. The manager took him —————- task.
a) after b) in c) to d) for


1. down (break down: fail)
2. out
3. over
4. forward
5. up (call up: recollect)
6. off
7. forth (call forth: elicit)
8. up
9. out
10. off
11. out
12. through (fall through: fail)
13. with
14. forward
15. upon
16. away
17. up
18. to
19. way
20. up
21. out
22. by
23. through
24. after (take after: resemble)
25. to (take sb to task: rebuke)

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