Sentence Improvement Exercise For Bank And UPSC Exams

Sentence improvement tasks appear in various competitive examinations such as bank PO and UPSC tests.

Which of the phrases (a), (b) or (c) should replace the word/phrase in bold letters to make the sentence grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is, mark (d) as your answer.

1. The little children were frightened by the old beggar.

a) frightened of
b) frightened at
c) frightened after
d) No improvement

2. A gentle breeze was blown across the meadow.

a) was blowing
b) has blown
c) has been blown
d) No improvement

3. The monk burnt him.

a) Burnt himself
b) Burnt he
c) Burnt itself
d) No improvement

4. She had a child holding on to each hand.

a) every hand
b) all hand
c) both hand
d) No improvement

5. We must remember where to turn of the main road.

a) turn off
b) turn out
c) turn in
d) No improvement

6. Could you tell me where can I find a good hotel?

a) where I can
b) where could I
c) where should I
d) No improvement

7. We endured his tyranny for three years now.

a) have endured
b) had endured
c) have been endured
d) No improvement

8. She was made to wait for over two years.

a) has made to
b) had made to
c) would make to
d) no improvement

9. It has been raining during the whole of last week.

a) rained
b) was raining
c) is raining
d) No improvement

10. He would have agreed, if you were more courteous.

a) had been
b) have been
c) are
d) No improvement

11. The thing that I don’t understand is why they were waiting so long without lodging a complaint.

a) waited
b) were to wait
c) are to wait
d) No improvement

12. Should it prove to be true, I should resign from the committee.

a) shall
b) were to
c) had to
d) No improvement

13. If he drank less, he wouldn’t have developed heart trouble.

a) wouldn’t develop
b) couldn’t have developed
c) shouldn’t have developed
d) No improvement

14. Newton saw the apple to fall to the ground.

a) fall
b) fell
c) fallen
d) No improvement

15. He is enough rich to pay for his expenses.

a) rich enough
b) too rich
c) very rich
d) No improvement

16. If they were knowing about the riots, they would not have decided to picnic there.

a) had known
b) knew
c) did know
d) No improvement

17. India has made rapid progress since the dawn of independence.

a) for
b) from
c) before
d) No improvement

18. His behaviour was very impudent for me to tolerate.

a) too impudent
b) enough impudent
c) so impudent
d) No improvement

19. He has become too much of a nuisance to put with.

a) put up with
b) put down with
c) put off with
d) No improvement

20. The policeman didn’t run enough fast to catch the thief.

a) fast enough
b) too fast
c) so fast
d) No improvement

21. Scarcely did the game started when the rain came pouring down.

a) had the game
b) the game had
c) were the game
d) No improvement

22. The little monkey jumped on to his mother’s back as she swing through the trees.

a) Swung
b) Was swinging
c) Had swung
d) No improvement

23. No sooner had she read the telegram than she fall down fainting.

a) fell down
b) had fallen down
c) has fallen down
d) No improvement

24. I hear that one of your neighbours have filed a suit against you.

a) has filed
b) filed
c) was filed
d) did filed

25. Many high school students are not even understanding the basics of physics and chemistry.

a) don’t even understand
b) was not even understand
c) have not even understood
d) No improvement


1. frightened of
2. was blowing
3. Burnt himself
4. No improvement
5. turn off
6. where I can
7. have endured
8. no improvement
9. rained
10. had been
11. waited
12. shall
13. wouldn’t develop
14. fall
15. rich enough
16. had known
17. No improvement
18. too impudent
19. put up with
20. fast enough
21. had the game
22. swung
23. fell down
24. has filed
25. don’t even understand

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