English For SBI Bank PO Exams

Here is a practice test for SBI Bank PO exams.

Questions 1 – 5

Sentence Improvement

Which of the phrases (a), (b) or (c) should replace the word/phrase in bold letters to make the sentence grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is, mark (d) as your answer.

1. They condemned him and offered him no financial assistance, but Abraham Lincoln won the election despite of all their opposition.

a) despite
b) in spite
c) nevertheless
d) no improvement

2. I have never seen that object and therefore I do not believe in its existence.

a) since
b) as
c) because
d) no improvement

3. A brave and honest man will speak the truth no matter what are the consequences.

a) what maybe the consequences
b) what will the consequences be
c) what the consequences are
d) no improvement

4. In the Middle Ages the few books that were produced all were written by hand.

a) at all
b) after all
c) whole
d) no improvement

5. When at last he reached the bank, the people told him that he has had won the wager.

a) had won
b) has won
c) has been won
d) no improvement

Questions 6 – 10

In each of the following questions there are two blank spaces. Each question is followed by four pairs of words. Find out which of these pairs can be used to fill in the blanks.

6. The fear of punishment often acts as a ——————- and ————— a lot of crimes.

a) deterrent, prevents
b) incentive, encourages
c) deterrent, encourages
d) deterrent, annuls

7. The accused gave a —————- account of the crime which was totally ————-.

a) dependable, reliable
b) fictitious, unreliable
c) false, appreciable
d) exaggerated, unpardonable

8. —————- and ————— citizens will only aggravate the problems of the country.

a) independent, practical
b) careful, scrupulous
c) dedicated, patriotic
d) selfish, irresponsible

9. The ————– with which he is able to wield the paint brush is really ———.

a) practice, good
b) majesty, royal
c) ease, remarkable
d) efficiency, good

10. If you kindly bear ———— me for sometime, I will ———– the whole issue.

a) at, solve
b) with, clarify
c) out, understand
d) for, know

Questions 11 – 15


In each of the following questions a word or phrase is given in bold letters. Which one of the four alternatives given below the question can replace the text in bold letters without altering the meaning of the sentence?

11. The majesty of the duchess was clearly present in her every move.

a) dignity
b) excellence
c) grace
d) arrogance

12. Patriotism is indeed a virtue, but problems arise when people begin to confuse it with xenophobia.

a) jingoism
b) chauvinism
c) tolerance
d) religion

13. Religious fanatics are the bane of the country.

a) extremists
b) followers
c) believers
d) lunatics

14. They have always been prejudiced against her.

a) biased
b) disliked
c) unfair
d) impartial

15. Investing in India is tantamount to investing in democracy.

a) different
b) equivalent
c) significant
d) close

Questions 16 – 20


Against each keyword are given five suggested meanings. Choose the word or phrase opposite in meaning to the keyword.

16. Inept

a) singular
b) significant
c) skilled
d) flawed

17. consensus

a) consent
b) accord
c) disagreement
d) consciousness

18. Gregarious

a) sociable
b) convivial
c) expressive
d) shy

19. Assorted

a) heterogeneous
b) homogeneous
c) mixed
d) varied

20. Meticulous

a) pedantic
b) fastidious
c) careless
d) fussy

Questions 21 – 25

Verbal analogies

Choose the pair closest in relationship to the given pair four choices.

21. Urbane: Suave

a) master: leader
b) teacher: student
c) master: servant
d) predator: prey

22. Rustic: urban

a) sophisticated: primitive
b) refined: chic
c) stylish: classy
d) erudite: pleasant

23. Mature: naïve

a) pleasant: joyous
b) agony: ecstasy
c) urbane: classy
d) primitive: rudimentary

24. Boorish: courteous

a) Coarse: rough
b) Churlish: uncouth
c) Tempestuous: calm
d) Pedestrian: prosaic

25. Rude: impolite

a) Beautiful: attractive
b) Idiotic: scholarly
c) Smooth: rough
d) Favorable: pleasant


1. despite
2. no improvement
3. what the consequences are
4. at all
5. had won
6. deterrent, prevents
7. fictitious, unreliable
8. selfish, irresponsible
9. ease, remarkable
10. with, clarify
11. dignity
12. jingoism
13. extremists
14. biased
15. equivalent
16. skilled
17. disagreement
18. shy
19. homogeneous
20. careless
21. master: leader (urbane and suave are synonyms, so are master and leader.)
22. sophisticated: primitive (antonyms)
23. agony: ecstasy (antonyms)
24. Tempestuous: calm (antonyms)
25. Beautiful: attractive

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