60 One Word Substitutes

1. Ascetic: An ascetic is a person not interested in the pleasures of the world.

2. Theologian: A theologian studies religions.

3. Atheist: An atheist does not believe in God.

4. Iconoclast: An iconoclast is a person who scoffs at tradition.

5. Dilettante: A dilettante is a person who pursues an art or profession as a hobby. A dilettante has no serious interest in arts.

6. Ambulatory: Ambulatory means able to walk after being bedridden

7. Somniferous: If something is somniferous, it induces sleep.

8. Avuncular: Avuncular means protective; like an uncle

9. Somnolent: Somnolent means drowsy

10. Dorsal: Dorsal is a word used to refer to the back side

11. Laconism: Laconism is the quality of conciseness in the use of words.

12. Verbiage: Verbiage is the overabundance of words

13. Volubility: Volubility means fluency and ease in speech.

14. Magnate: A magnate is an important person in the business world.

15. Verbatim: Verbatim means word for word.

16. Loquacity: Loquacity means talkativeness.

17. Circumlocution: Circumlocution is the method of talking in an indirect way

18. Soliloquy: A speech to oneself, especially in a play

19. Colloquialism: Colloquialism is an informal expression used in everyday speech.

20. Reticence: Reticence is the reluctance to express one`s thoughts or feelings

21. Equity: Equity means fairness and justice

22. Inequity: Inequity means unfairness.

23. Iniquity: An iniquity is a sinful or immoral act

24. Equanimity: Equanimity is the evenness of temper. To maintain your equanimity is to control your emotions when everybody else is getting excited or angry.

25. Parity: Parity means equality.

26. Double entendre: A double entendre is a statement that can have two different interpretations. And one of these interpretations is risqué or sexy.

27. Ambiguity: An ambiguous statement can be misinterpreted. This is not purposeful.

28. Anachronism: The word anachronism is used to refer to someone or somebody out of time.

29. Equivocation: An equivocation is a statement that is purposely open to contradictory interpretations.

30. Incongruity: The word incongruity is used to refer to something out of place

31. Chronometer: A chronometer is an accurate timepiece used on ships.

32. Altimeter: An altimeter is an instrument used to measure height above sea level.

33. Compass: A compass is an instrument that shows direction.

34. Anemometer: An anemometer is an instrument used for measuring wind velocity.

35. Galactometer: A galactometer is an instrument used for measuring the specific gravity of milk.

36. Chiropody: Chiropody is the treatment of foot diseases.

37. Chirography: Chirography means beautiful handwriting.

38. Chiromancy: Chiromancy means prediction by palm reading.

39. Calligraphy: Calligraphy means beautiful writing.

40. Cacography: Cacography means illegible handwriting.

41. Bromide: A bromide is a trite remark.

42. Platitude: A platitude is a banal remark.

43. Anodyne: An anodyne is a false statement meant to alleviate fear.

44. Cliché: A cliché is a hackneyed phrase that has lost its relevance and novelty over time.

45. Persiflage: Persiflage means light banter.

46. Canine: Canine means dog-like.

47. Equine: Equine means horse-like.

48. Lupine: Lupine means wolf-like.

49. Porcine: Porcine means pig-like.

50. Vulpine: Vulpine means fox-like.

51. Omnipotent: Omnipotent means all powerful.

52. Omniscient: Omniscient means all-knowing

53. Omnivorous: This expression is used to refer to an animal that eats everything.

54. Omnipresent: Present in all places at the same time.

55. Omnibus: Omnibus means including many things.

56. Eulogistic: Eulogistic means laudatory in nature; something that is full of praise.

57. Evanescent: Evanescent means something that does not last long

58. Euphemistic: Substituting inoffensive words

59. Euphoric: Elated; extremely happy

60. Euphonious: Sound that is pleasing to the ear.

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