Idioms with cards

Here are some common idioms.

Play your cards right

When you play your cards right, you make the best use of your assets and opportunities.

Put your cards on the table

To put your cards on the table is to state your plans openly.

Sweep something under the carpet

To sweep something under the carpet is to conceal a problem hoping that it will be forgotten.

Put the cart before the horse

To put the cart before the horse is to do things in the wrong order.

Throw caution to the wind

To throw caution to the wind is to act in a reckless way.

On the off chance – just in case

Stand a chance

If you stand a chance, you have a likelihood of success.

Take a chance / take chances

To take a chance is to take risks.

Change hands

When things change hands, they pass to a different owner.

Change your tune

When you change your tune, you show a very different attitude to something.

Get something off your chest

To get something off your chest is to say something you have wanted to say for a long time.

Keep your cards close to your chest / play your cards close to your chest

To keep your cards close to your chest is to be secretive about your plans.


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