Idioms – G

Here is a list of idiomatic expressions formed around words beginning with G.

Blow the gaff

To blow the gaff is to reveal a secret or plot.

Play to the gallery

To play to the gallery is to do something with the objective of winning people’s approval.

The game is up

The game is up when the crime is revealed and the perpetrator cannot succeed.

Take up the gauntlet

To take up the gauntlet is to accept a challenge. To throw down the gauntlet is to give a challenge.

Get something across / over

To get an idea across/over is to manage to communicate it clearly.

  • Good communication skills are essential to get your idea across.

Get away with

To get away with something is to escape blame or punishment for something.

  • You cannot get away with treason.

Get back at

To get back at someone is to take revenge on them.

  • He vowed to get back at his enemies.

Get by

To get by is to manage to do something with difficulty.

  • Now that she has lost her job, she is struggling to get by.

Get off

To get off is to escape a punishment.

  • He got off with a minor punishment.

Get on

To get on is to make progress with a task.

Get your own back

To get your own back is to have your revenge.

Be glued to

When you are glued to something, you are paying very close attention to it.

Make something good

To make something good is to compensate for loss, damage or expense.

Make the grade

To make the grade is to succeed.

Against the grain

If something goes against the grain, it conflicts with your instinct or nature.

Take something for granted

To take something for granted is to fail to appreciate someone or something because you are overly familiar with them.

  • Hot water is just one of the many luxuries we take for granted.

Grin and bear it

To grin and bear it is to suffer misfortune without complaining.

Keep your nose to the grindstone

To keep your nose to the grindstone is to keep working hard.

Come to grips with something / get to grips with something

To come to grips with something is to deal with it.

Be thick on the ground

When something is thick on the ground, it exists in large numbers or amounts. When something is thin on the ground, it exists in small numbers or amounts.

Break new ground

To break new ground is to achieve or create something.

Get off the ground

When a project or business gets off the ground, it starts functioning successfully.

Lose ground / give ground

To lose ground is to lose your advantage.

Hold / stand your ground

To hold your ground is to not lose your advantage.

Be gunning for someone

When you are gunning for someone, you are actively looking for an opportunity to blame them.

Jump the gun

To jump the gun is to act before the right time.

Stick to your guns

To stick to your guns is to refuse to change or compromise.

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