In As A Preposition

In is used for position inside large areas, and in three-dimensional space.

  • She grew up in Switzerland.
  • He is in the office.
  • Let us go for a walk in the woods.
  • My father lives in Canada.
  • I first met her in a shop.
  • He works in an insurance company.
  • When did you arrive in New Zealand?

We use in with street names.

  • She lives in Albert Street.

In is also used to talk about the position of things which form part of a line.

  • There is a misprint in line 6 on page 12.
  • Who is the good-looking boy in the sixth row?


We use in with parts of the day.

  • I work best in the morning.
  • We usually go out in the afternoon.

In the night means during one particular night.

  • I had to get up in the night.

We also use in with longer periods.

  • I was born in May.
  • Kent is beautiful in spring.
  • He died in 1995.


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