Preposition On

On is used for position on a surface.

  • There is a big spider on the ceiling.
  • The cat is on the roof.
  • That picture would look better on the other wall.

On can mean attached to.

  • Why do you wear that ring on your first finger?
  • There aren’t many apples on the tree this year.

On is also used to talk about position on a line (for example a road or a river).

  • Stratford is on the river Avon.

We use on to talk about travel using buses, planes and trains, as well as motor cycles and horses.

  • He is arriving on the 3.15 train.
  • There is no room on the bus; let’s get off again.

We use on for the number of the floor.

  • She lives in a flat on the third floor.

On: time

We use on with days.

  • I will ring you on Monday.
  • My birthday is on May 21st.
  • We met on a cold afternoon in early spring.

We use on to talk about one day of the holiday.

  • They are having a party on Christmas Day.
  • What are you doing on Easter Monday?

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