In And Into, On And Onto

We use in and on to talk about the positions of objects – where they are. We use into and onto to talk about directions and destinations – where things are going.

  • She is in the bedroom. (Position)
  • She ran into the room. (Direction)
  • She was walking in the garden.
  • Then she walked into the house.
  • The cat is on the roof again.
  • How does it get onto the roof?

In and on for movement

After some verbs (e.g. throw, jump, push, put) we can use both in and into or on and onto to talk about directional movement.

  • Go and jump in/into the river.
  • Could you put the ham in/into the fridge?
  • Throw another log on/onto the fire.

We always use in and on after sit down and arrive.

  • He sat down in the armchair. (NOT He sat down into …)

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