Increase your word power | Class 10 vocabulary worksheets

From the given options choose the word that means the same as the keyword.

1. Abandon

a) leave someone / something behind
b) enjoy yourself
c) kidnap someone

2. Abashed

a) angered
b) embarrassed
c) anxious

3. Abdicate

a) vacate the throne
b) renounce the world
c) give up material possessions

4. Abduct

a) criticize
b) discourage

c) kidnap

5. Ablution

a) bathing
b) working
c) eating

6. Abode

a) place of residence
b) school of learning
c) out of the country

7. Abolish

a) put an end to something
b) reintroduce
c) discourage

8. Aborigine

a) original inhabitant of a place
b) prototype
c) the perfect specimen of something

9. Abscond

a) invalidate
b) depart hastily
c) restrict

10. Absolve

a) find guilty
b) find not guilty
c) eat too much


1. Abandon – leave someone / something behind

2. Abashed – embarrassed

3. Abdicate – vacate the throne

4. Abduct – kidnap

5. Ablution – bathing

6. Abode – place of residence

7. Abolish – put an end to something

8. Aborigine – original inhabitant of a place

9. Abscond – depart hastily

10. Absolve – find not guilty

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