Informal Letter To A Friend | Class 10 English Letter Sample

You are enjoying your summer vacation at your grandparents’ home in a village and playing lots of fun sports with your cousins. Write a letter to your friend sharing your experience.

Here is a sample class 10 informal letter on this topic. You can learn about the format of formal and informal letters here.

Class 10 informal letter sample


Pattambi, Palakkad

April 20, 2020

Dear Gautam

How are you doing? I am having a great time here in Kerala with my grandparents and cousins. It has been more than two weeks since we arrived at our grandparents’ home and I haven’t had a single moment of boredom ever since.

You know what? I have 5 cousins here and they are more or less the same age as me. Our day starts at around 6 am. The first thing we do in the morning is to go for a swim in the pond. Yes, my grandparents have a pond in their backyard. It is a lot bigger than the swimming pools we have in Mumbai.

After breakfast we start playing all sorts of fun sports. You know what? I am now an expert at climbing trees. We also do a lot of cycling and running. I haven’t had a better vacation in a long time. We will be back in Mumbai by the end of May. That means there are still two-three weeks to go and I really want to enjoy those days to the fullest.

I hope you are also having a great vacation there in Jaipur.

See you soon.




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