English Letter Writing Tips For High School

Start the letter with your own address. Do not mention your name with your address. Earlier, it was common to put your address at the right-hand side of the paper. Now, it is more common to align everything to the left.

So, start with the letter with something like:

B-101, Shanti Upvan


Write the date below the address. You can use any of the following formats.

March 27, 2021

27th March, 2021

27 March, 2021

The recipient’s address is usually omitted in an informal letter. However, in a formal letter, you have to mention the recipient’s address below the date.

Informal letter format

Start informal letters with an expression like Dear Rahul or My Dear Seema depending upon the level of intimacy you share with the recipient.

You may or may not put a comma after the name.

You can end an informal letter with expressions like:


Lots of love


Warm regards

Kind regards

All the best



Formal letter format

Start a formal letter with an expression like Dear Sir or Madam.

You don’t have to use any punctuation mark after Dear Sir or Madam. However, it is possible to use a comma or a colon.

You can end a formal letter with an expression like Yours Sincerely or Yours Faithfully. Use Yours Sincerely to end a letter starting with Dear Name. Use Yours Faithfully to close a letter starting with Dear Sir or Madam.


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