One Word Substitutes For Exams

These words routinely appear in tests that assess a student’s verbal ability. Learn these words by heart.

Triennial: recurring every three years

Plutocracy: a society ruled by a small minority of the wealthiest citizens

Plutocratic: In a plutocratic society the rich hold the power.

Stoicism: indifference to pain and pleasure

Fanatic: a person filled with excessive zeal for a political or religious cause

Fratricide: the killing of one’s brother or sister

Deciduous: trees whose leaves fall every autumn

Dolores: someone who is generally sorrowful

Coincidence: occurring together at the same time

Occidental: relating to western countries

Oriental: relating to eastern countries

Consecutive: following in proper order

Pandemonium: any wild and noisy disorder

Panorama: a view all around

Haemophilia: a condition in which the blood clots too slowly

Haemorrhage: excessive blood flow

Haematology: the science of blood and its diseases

Bilateral: a bilateral decision is one made by the two sides involved

Unilateral: a unilateral decision is made by one person without consulting the others

Multilingual: speaking many languages

Paedophile: a person who sexually molests young children

Quinquagenarian: a person in his or her fifties

Sexagenarian: a person in his or her sixties

Septuagenarian: a person in his or her seventies

Octogenarian: a person in his or her eighties

Nonagenarian: a person in his or her nineties

Centenarian: a person who lives to or beyond the age of 100 years

Noxious: harmful

Imbibe: drink in

Equestrian: a horseman

Equestrienne: a horsewoman

Equine: horse-like

Subsequent: following

Decadent: morally deteriorating

Decadence: spiritual decay

Condolence: expression of sympathy

Impecunious: without funds; short of money

Bibulous: addicted to alcohol; likely to drink past the point of sobriety

Obsequious: overly polite

Doleful: exaggerated sadness or dreariness

Cadaverous: someone who looks like a corpse

Oscillate: to swing back and forth

Ambivalent: feeling both ways at the same time

Dissimulate: to conceal real feelings

Dissemble: to pretend ignorance in spite of knowing the facts

Synergy: the process by which two or more substances produce a greater effect than the sum of the individual effects

Enervation: utter exhaustion; mental, emotional, and physical drain

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