One Word Substitutes For GRE

You will most probably find these words in competitive exams like GRE. Learn them by heart to score higher marks.

One word substitutes for exams

Easily tricked: gullible

Willing to believe; not suspicious or skeptical: credulous

Inexperienced, unsophisticated: naive

Frank; not given to concealment: ingenuous

Within the city: intraurban

Anger, hatred, hostility: animus

Sophistication, courtesy, polish: urbanity

Referring to the countryside: rural

Word with negative or derogatory connotation: pejorative

To spend time in the country: rusticate

Residential areas near big cities: suburbia

Residential areas far from big cities: exurbia

Unsophisticated, uncultured: rustic

Keenness of mind: perspicacity

To interrupt suddenly: punctuate

Piercing in taste, smell, wit etc: pungent

Clearness of style or language: perspicuity

A look forward: prospect

Act or process of looking inwards: introspection

Carefully looking around: circumspect

Looked forward to: prospective

Big-heartedness; quality of forgiving easily: magnanimity

Petty-mindedness: pusillanimity

All being of one mind: unanimity

Calmness, composure: equanimity

Anger, hostility, hatred, resentment: animosity

Ability either to do many different things well, or to function successfully in many areas: versatility

Bearing of pain without complaint: stoicism

Great courage, fearlessness: intrepidity

Fear and trembling: trepidation

A sparkling with wit or cleverness: scintillation

Mother ruler of a family, tribe or nation: matriarch

A literary work or an event that follows another: sequel

Poetic word for sorrow: dolour

Burial ceremonies: obsequies

Horseman: equestrian

Relating to money: pecuniary

Exaggeratedly sad: doleful

Parade of mounted riders: cavalcade

Unmindful of another’s feelings: cavalier

Mounted soldiers: cavalry

Expression of sympathy: condolence

Gallantry to women: chivalry

Excessively polite and fawning: obsequious

Noisily troublesome: obstreperous

Courteous and attentive to women: chivalrous

Complaining, nagging: querulous

Haughtily disdainful: supercilious

Gaunt, corpselike: cadaverous

Highhanded: cavalier

Moral decay: decadence

Expression of sympathy: condolence

Courtesy to women: chivalry

Tending to drink a lot: bibulous

Relating to money: pecuniary

To give in; to stop resisting: capitulate

Working together for greater effect: synergy

To behead: decapitate

Harmless: innocuous

A feeling of well-being, both physical and emotional: euphoria

Feeling contradictory ways at the same time: ambivalent

Killing of masses of people: genocide

To spread slander about: malign

Economical in speech: laconic

Inheritance from one’s father: patrimony

Belief in many gods: polytheism

A person aggressively fighting for a cause: militant

In good faith: bona fide

Babbling ceaselessly about trivia: garrulous

To rob of life or vigour: devitalize

Scrupulously careful in the observance of proper procedure: punctilious

Secret or concealed: clandestine

Acute feeling of homesickness: nostalgia

Like a lion in appearance or temperament: leonine

Like a dog: canine

Like a cat: feline

Like a pig: porcine

Foxlike in appearance or temperament: vulpine

Like a wolf: lupine

Like a horse: equine

A riotous merrymaking or festivities: carnival

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