Passive voice worksheet

Sentences are given in the active voice. You have to change them into the passive voice.


The active sentences given below are all in the simple present tense. When you change them into the passive voice, you have to use the verb is/am / are + past participle.

1. Heat expands bodies.

2. Volcanoes shoot molten lava into the air.

3. Carpenters make furniture.

4. Masons build homes.

5. Doctors treat patients.

6. My mother knits lovely sweaters.

7. Julia adores Betty.

8. Parents raise children.

9. Plants release oxygen.

10. Birds build nests.


1. Bodies are expanded by heat.

2. Molten lava is shot into the air by volcanoes.

3. Furniture is made by carpenters.

4. Homes are built by masons.

5. Patients are treated by doctors.

6. Lovely sweaters are knitted by my mother.

7. Betty is adored by Julia.

8. Children are raised by parents.

9. Oxygen is released by plants.

10. Nests are built by birds.




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