Passive voice worksheet | Simple present tense

Change the following sentences into the passive voice. Watch this video to learn the rules of passive voice with explanations in Malayalam.


All of these sentences are in the present simple tense. When we change them into the passive voice, we use the verb ‘is / am / are + past participle’.

1. I love my parents.

2. She writes plays.

3. Birds build nests.

4. Heat expands bodies.

5. My mother makes delicious cookies.

6. He plays the violin.

7. He draws nice portraits.

8. Carpenters make furniture.

9. A tailor stitches clothes.

10. The spider weaves the web.

11. The bees make honey.

12. Parents take care of their children.

13. People all over the world love music.


1. My parents are loved by me.

2. Plays are written by her.

3. Nests are built by birds.

4. Bodies are expanded by heat.

5. Delicious cookies are made by my mother.

6. The violin is played by him.

7. Nice portraits are drawn by him.

8. Furniture is made by carpenters.

9. Clothes are stitched by a tailor.

10. The web is weaved by the spider.

11. Honey is made by the bees.

12. Children are taken care of by their parents.

13. Music is loved by people all over the world.


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