Passive voice worksheet

Change the following sentences into the active form.

Note: When the agent (the doer of the action) is not mentioned in the sentence, you may use the pronoun ‘they’ in the active voice.

1. The parcel was sent by my mother.

2. King Lear was written by Shakespeare.

3. The spider was killed by the boy.

4. I was shown the door.

5. I was told to wait outside.

6. I was impressed by his performance.

7. I was threatened with dire consequences.

8. Eggs are laid by hens.

9. He was chosen leader.

10. Honey is made by bees.

11. The foundation stone was laid by the Prime Minister.

12. The prizes were distributed by the chief guest.

13. The boy was punished by the teacher.

14. The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell.

15. He was considered to be a genius.


1. My mother sent the parcel.

2. Shakespeare wrote King Lear.

3. The boy killed the spider.

4. They showed me the door.

5. I was told to wait outside.

6. His performance impressed me.

7. They threatened me with dire consequences.

8. Hens lay eggs.

9. They chose him leader.

10. Bees make honey.

11. The Prime Minister laid the foundation stone.

12. The chief guest distributed the prizes.

13. The teacher punished the boy.

14. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.

15. They considered him to be a genius.


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