Perfect Infinitive, Passive Infinitive, Progressive Infinitive | Different Forms Of Infinitives

Besides simple infinitives like (to) write, there are also progressive, perfect and passive infinitives.

Underline the infinitive in the following sentences and say whether it is a simple infinitive, progressive infinitive, perfect infinitive or passive infinitive.

  1. She must be sleeping now.
  2. He is happy to have found a good job.
  3. It is good to have won.
  4. You seem to have angered here.
  5. You could have informed me earlier.
  6. He should have obeyed his parents.
  7. She ought to be informed.
  8. They should be invited.
  9. He must be fired.
  10. They might be waiting for us.


  1. be sleeping (progressive infinitive)
  2. to have found (perfect infinitive)
  3. to have won (perfect infinitive)
  4. to have angered (perfect infinitive)
  5. have informed (perfect infinitive)
  6. have obeyed (perfect infinitive)
  7. be informed (passive infinitive)
  8. be invited (passive infinitive)
  9. be fired (passive infinitive)
  10. be waiting (progressive infinitive)

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