Passive Verb Forms

Simple Present

Active verb form: write/writes

  • He writes a letter.
  • write letters.

Passive verb form: is/am/are + written

  • A letter is written by him.
  • Letters are written by me.

Present Progressive

Active verb form: is/am/are + writing

  • He is writing a letter.
  • am writing letters.

Passive verb form: is/am/are + being + written

  • A letter is being written by him.
  • Letters are being written by me.

Present Perfect

Active verb form: has/have + written

  • He has written a letter.
  • have written letters.

Passive verb form: has/have + been + written

  • A letter has been written by him.
  • Letters have been written by me.

Simple Past

Active verb form: wrote

  • He wrote a letter.
  • wrote letters.

Passive verb form: was/were + written

  • A letter was written by him.
  • Letters were written by me.

Past Progressive

Active verb form: was/were + writing

  • He was writing a letter.
  • was writing letters.

Passive verb form: was/were + being + written

  • A letter was being written by him.
  • Letters were being written by me.

Past Perfect

Active verb form: had + written

  • He had written a letter.
  • had written letters.

Passive verb form: had + been + written

  • A letter had been written by him.
  • Letters had been written by me.

Simple Future

Active verb form: will/shall + write

  • He will write a letter.
  • shall write letters.

Passive verb form: will/shall + be + written

  • A letter will be written by him.
  • Letters shall be written by me.

Future Perfect

Active verb form: will/shall + have + written

  • He will have written a letter.
  • will have written letters.

Passive verb form: will/shall + have + been + written

  • A letter will have been written by him.
  • Letters will have been written by me.

Perfect progressive passives and future progressive passives are unusual.

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