Phrasal verbs beginning with letter D

Here is a list phrasal verbs beginning with the letter D.

Dash off

This is an inseparable phrasal verb. To dash off is to leave in a hurry.

  • Before I could say anything he dashed off.

Dash something off

This is a separable phrasal verb. To dash a letter or an email off is to send it in a hurry.

  • Before dashing off that letter, you should proofread it.

Dawn on

When an idea dawns on you, it occurs to you suddenly.

  • Suddenly an idea dawned on me.
  • The truth never dawned on him.
  • Suddenly it dawned on me that I hadn’t locked the door.

Die away

When light or sound dies away, it becomes weaker and disappears completely.

  • The noise slowly died away.

Die down

This is an inseparable phrasal verb. When a wind, storm, gossip or rumor dies down, it becomes less noticeable.

  • The excitement soon died down.

Die out

When a custom or tradition dies out, it disappears gradually. When a species dies out, it becomes extinct.

  • Several tribal communities are dying out.
  • The Asiatic Lion is in danger of dying out.

Dig something over

To dig soil over is to break the ground with a spade.

  • I got this bangle while digging over the garden.

Dig up

To dig up facts or information is to search for it and find it. The phrasal verbs dredge up and rake up have very similar meanings.

  • Past is past. Why do you want to dig it up?

Do away with

To do away with a practice is to abolish it.

  • Human rights activists have been demanding that the death penalty should be done away with.

Do somebody in

When something does you in, it traps you or makes you unable to do something.

  • I won’t be able to join you. I am completely done in after working in the garden all day.
  • I think it was the alcohol that did him in.

Do up

To do up a house or an apartment is to decorate it.

  • We have hired an interior designer to do up our flat.

Doss down

This is an inseparable phrasal verb. To doss down is to sleep somewhere temporarily. The phrasal verb kip down has very similar meanings.

  • I don’t mind dossing down on the floor.

Doze off

This is an inseparable phrasal verb. To doze off is to fall into a light sleep.

  • I dozed off while watching TV.

Drag on

This is an inseparable phrasal verb. When things drag on, they last longer than they should.

  • Indian television serials often drag on for years.

Drag up

To drag something up is to mention unpleasant facts from the past. The phrasal verb bring up has very similar meanings.

  • You must not drag up that old argument.

Dredge up

To dredge something up is to remind people of unpleasant things that occurred in the past.

  • There is no point in dredging up the past.

Dress down

This is an inseparable phrasal verb. To dress down is to wear less formal or more casual clothes.

  • In my opinion, all organizations should allow their employees to dress down.

Dress up

This is an inseparable phrasal verb. To dress up is to wear your best clothes for a special occasion.

  • He doesn’t like to dress up.
  • They dressed the baby up in her best clothes.
  • Every girl wants to dress up on her wedding day.

Drop in

To drop in on somebody is to pay them a short visit.

  • Sam would drop in whenever he was in town.
  • We may drop in on Maria next week.

Drop off

To drop off is to fall asleep.

  • After spending a lot of time tossing and turning in bed I finally dropped off.

When temperatures, numbers or attendance drop off, they become less or fewer.

  • Temperatures are expected to drop off in the next few days.
  • Attendance tends to drop off at weekends.

To drop somebody off is to stop your vehicle to leave them at a place.

  • He offered to drop her off at her office, but she refused.
  • Get in. I will drop you off at the railway station.

Drum up

To drum something up is to gain support and make people interested in it.

  • Animal rights activists have been trying to drum up support for their campaign against the insensitive killing of stray dogs.


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